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Get Your Irish Driving Licence Today

Apply for an Irish Driving Licence Today and obtain a full registered driving licence valid for a Period of at least ten years. All Irish driving  licence are registered in the ND LS database and can be used just like any other licence. Processing should take about 5-9 working days for your documentation to be ready.  Buy  Irish driving licence online.



We have been doing this for such a long time that our results speak for us. Our client base is so large that we basically have more clients who are referred to us by the new clients. The reason for this is quite simple. We deliver on our promises. 

We have no discrimination as to who to work with. Foreigners or locals are both welcome to get their driving licences done as long as they fulfill all the requirements. 

Remember this is no fake driving licence.  All are registered on the NDLS and are posted out to you once it is ready. 

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To apply for driving licence online you need to be in possession of all of the following documents listed below. If any of the documents is not available. Let us know and you will be instructed on what to do. 

I will need the following from you.
1. Your passport or learner’s permit or ID card
2. Your picture to be used on your licence
3. Your signature

You will send all this information to me here on WhatsApp
Once you send your details, I fill your application form and proceed to certify at the registry. You then make your first payment. That’s where the process begins. After making contacts with the required people, your licence should be ready in 9 days Registered on the system. As soon as it is ready, I will send you pictures so you verify all your information is correct before I send it to you



Once you send your details, we begin your procedure. We submit your details for certification. Make sure all your details are complete once your D1 form is filled.

All documentation are processed during this time frame. It is now that your certificate of competency and driver feedback forms are signed.

Your licence is produced and a picture of it is shown to you. You verify if all the details on it are correct. Indicate if changes are to be made so they are effected immediately.

Your process is completed and your driving licence sent to you. It is sent alongside all the accompanying documentation. Should you not receive any of them, let us know.

Have You Got A Learner's Permit Already?

If you are in possession of a learner’s permit and will like to obtain a full driving licence? We can help you get there without you going in for the practical test. This entails you getting a certificate of competency and a driver feedback form which you can present to any NDLS CENTRE close to you and you will be provided your full licence thereafter. Note that you cannot obtain a full licence without these documents so this is where our help comes in. You just need to trust what we offer you which is the best at that price. Contact us for more information